Creative Upcycling: 20 Innovative Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

You’ve probably got a few empty toilet paper rolls lying around your house. Instead of tossing them in the bin, why not turn them into something amazing? With a bit of creativity, you can transform these ordinary cardboard tubes into extraordinary crafts, practical tools, and even home decor items.

Key Takeaways

  • Toilet paper rolls can be repurposed into creative art projects, including Christmas ornaments, animal crafts, wall art decor, jewelry organizers, and plant starters. These projects are not only eco-friendly but also encourage creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Beyond their artistic uses, toilet paper rolls hold great potential in DIY home decor. They can be transformed into photograph frames, chandeliers, wall art, and desk organizers, adding a personal touch to your home while promoting sustainability.
  • Empty toilet paper rolls are also effective organizational tools. They can declutter workspaces, contain tangled cords, and store small items, offering cost-effective solutions for organization in various parts of your home or office.
  • For kids’ activities, toilet paper rolls serve as an engaging and safe craft material. They can be used to create binoculars, hand puppets, mini race tracks and more, contributing to a child’s fine motor skills and creative thinking.
  • Toilet paper rolls can also be upcycled into unique and personalized gifts, such as DIY candles, mini jewelry boxes, holiday ornaments, or artistic gift wraps. These innovative ideas not only help conserve resources but also encourage sustainable crafting and creativity.

Toilet paper rolls offer an unexpected resource for creative upcycling, from DIY crafts to practical home solutions. YouTube’s DIY tutorials showcase a variety of crafts that transform these rolls into decorative and useful items. Farmers’ Almanac suggests ingenious ways to recycle toilet paper tubes, including making seed starting pots and organizing cords. Moreover, Pinterest boards provide inspiration for upcycling projects, demonstrating the versatility and potential of these humble household items in crafting and organization.

Creative Art Projects

Empty toilet paper rolls offer a world of possibilities for artistic creativity. With just a splash of paint and a dash of imagination, you can repurpose these rolls into unique works of art.

Toilet paper tubes can turn into charming chrismas ornaments. Just cut the roll into rings, paint them, and string them together like a garland. You’ll find it’s a simple, yet pleasing way to add a festive touch to your holiday decor.

Similarly, empty rolls can become adorable animal crafts. Cut, fold, and color the tubes to resemble cute rabbits, chirpy birds, or any animal you like. It’s a great project for kids to dive deep into their creative realms and learn about different animals.

What about a fancy wall art decor? Perhaps you’ve never considered using empty toilet paper rolls for such a purpose. However, when cut into thin strips and glued together in unique patterns, these rolls can create stunning wall decals that add a personal touch to any room.

Dive further into crafting with toilet paper rolls and create a jewelry organizer. Cut the rolls into different lengths, stack them, and secure them inside a box. Once the layout is satisfactory, you can embellish it with paints, sequins, or fabric. This organizer not only saves your precious jewels from tangling, but it also cuts down on unnecessary clutter.

Now let’s explore how toilet paper rolls can serve as plant starters. Simply cut the roll in half, fill it with earth, and plant some seeds. Water your newly planted roll and watch as your seedlings sprout. Once they’re ready for transplanting, put the whole roll—yes, cardboard and all—into the ground. The roll will naturally decompose while providing nourishment to the roots.

From christmas ornaments and animal crafts to jewelry organizers and plant starters, toilet paper rolls provide countless possibilities to showcase your creativity and contribute to eco-friendly efforts. So, the next time you’re about to toss one into the recycler, pause a moment and think of the possibility it holds.

DIY Home Decor

You may be sitting on a potential goldmine for DIY home decor – toilet paper rolls. Let’s explore the various ways you can transform these household discards into exquisite pieces for your home.

Firstly, let’s discuss photograph frames. Imagine sleek, square frames lovingly crafted from toilet paper rolls. Paint them up in your favorite colors, assemble them in an eye-catching layout around your photographs, and watch your memories come alive in a treasure you’ve created yourself.

Moving on, toilet paper rolls can be the basis for a magnificent chandelier. Just cut the rolls into slices, shape them into flowers, spray paint them gold, silver, or your favorite color, and then assemble them around a light bulb. This piece not only illuminates your space but also displays your eco-friendly creative flair.

Consider creating standalone pieces of wall art. Nested circles, or even abstract designs, can add an artistic touch to any room. Develop a layout, arrange, and glue the cut pieces. Finish it off with a coat of paint that complements your interior decor and, voila, you’ve created a statement piece that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

On a smaller scale, toilet paper rolls can also provide a handy solution for desk organization. Create compartments for your stationery by simply standing the rolls upright in a box. You’ll have everything in its place, all from a material that would otherwise be thrown away.

Break out your paint, glue, and scissors, with toilet paper rolls in hand. You’re about to create something memorable for your home decor, from wall art to desk organizers. You can add a personal touch and a dash of creativity to your home, all the while championing the cause of eco-friendliness.

Organizational Hacks

Move over, expensive plastic bins, and make room for toilet paper roll hacks! Empty toilet paper rolls aren’t just for the recycling bin. They can also help you get your home, office, and even your life more organized.

Let’s start with the workspace. You know how pens, pencils, and highlighters scatter across your work desk? You can make a nifty solution with toilet paper rolls. Just stand them upright in a box. Voila! You’ve got an instant desk organizer. Paint the rolls for a dash of color or even decoupage them with patterned paper for added flair.

Then there’re those pesky tangled cords. You can reclaim your drawer space and bid bye-bye to the cord chaos. Just coil each cord and slip it into a toilet paper roll. You can even label the rolls for easy identification, making it simple to grab the right charger or accessory whenever you need it.

But hey, don’t stop at the office! You can also use toilet paper rolls to organize your kitchen or craft room. Those tiny items such as cookie cutters, craft supplies, and spices can be easily stowed away in toilet paper rolls. Mount them to the inside of a cupboard door using adhesive or command hooks for a space-saving solution.

Kids’ Activities

Unleashing your child’s hidden artistic talent is easier than you may think. With some glue, a pair of scissors, and a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls, you can provide a craft trove for your kids. Toilet paper rolls make fantastic craft material. They are easy to handle, safe, and offer endless possibilities.

Turn your toilet paper rolls into fun and engaging activities that will help your child develop fine motor skills and creative thinking. Perfect for a rainy day or those long winter evenings, these crafts are not just enjoyable but educational too.

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

You can help your children create their own pair of explorers’ binoculars. Just bind two empty rolls together with some colorful tape or paint and strap them with a yarn for carrying around the neck. A simple yet engaging craft, that’s sure to fire up their little imaginations.

Cute Hand Puppets

A splash of colors, a bit of craft paper, and a whole lot of creativity will turn an empty toilet paper roll into a friendly puppet ready to be part of a captivating show. It’s an easy and interactive project, sure to keep your kids entertained while developing their storytelling skills.

Toilet paper rolls can also be transformed into a mini race track, impressive castles, or even forest animals. It’s all about letting your kids’ creativity run wild. You can enlist their help in deciding what to turn these rolls into, nurturing their problem-solving skills in the process.

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection. It’s about enjoying these activities and watching your kids learn and grow. The more you involve them in everyday household items, the more resourceful they’ll become over time, helping them mature into innovative adults. Perhaps, beginning with the empty rolls, you may just be shaping your child’s creative future.

What other ideas do you have in mind? The possibilities with toilet paper rolls are simply unlimited! Let your kids’ creativity take the reins and have tons of fun together at home. After all, crafting with your child should be about making memories as much as it’s about making projects. The fun should carry on, and who knows? Your child might come up with the next creative hack for these versatile toilet paper rolls.

Upcycled Gift Ideas

You’d be amazed at how toilet paper rolls can be upcycled into unique and personalized gifts. Who doesn’t admire a beautiful yet thoughtful gift that is also kind to the planet? So, let’s dive right into our top ideas for how you can transform those rolls into creative presents.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that with a bit of creativity, you can turn a few empty toilet paper rolls into captivating DIY candles? You just need some wax, wick, and essential oils of your choice. These lovely handmade candles will not only be an exciting project, but they’ll also be a remarkable gift for everyone. The best part? You’re encouraging sustainable crafting.

Ever imagined making mini jewelry boxes from toilet paper rolls? Well, with just a splash of color and a spark of creativity, you can design personalized boxes to gift jewelry. Now’s your chance to impress your loved ones with your exceptional crafting skills!

How about some adorable holiday ornaments out of these unadorned rolls? Toilet paper rolls make perfect trinkets that can be homecrafted yet elegant. So, unleash your creativity, and each holiday season, gift your friends and family ornaments made with love.

No need to worry about fancy wrapping papers either. Toilet paper rolls can easily be turned into fun and unique gift wraps. Add some personal, artistic touches and your gift wrapping is sure to stand out under the tree.

Curate these innovative DIY gift ideas and inspire those around you to embrace upcycling. As you continue to read, you’ll discover more creative ways to reuse everyday objects in your home. Turn every day into a recycling day and make the world a greener place.


You’ve now journeyed through 20 innovative ways to breathe new life into those empty toilet paper rolls. They’re no longer just cardboard tubes but a treasure trove of DIY possibilities. From crafting unique holiday ornaments to creating mini jewelry boxes, you’ve seen how simple it can be to transform these everyday items into something extraordinary. It’s not just about making beautiful things. It’s also about embracing sustainability and contributing to a greener planet. So next time you’re about to toss a roll into the recycling bin, remember the potential it holds. Let’s continue to inspire and be inspired, creating a world where upcycling is the norm, not the exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative uses of empty toilet paper rolls?

Empty toilet paper rolls can be transformed into DIY candles, mini jewelry boxes, holiday ornaments, and unique gift wraps. These upcycled items make great personalized gifts.

Is this article promoting upcycling?

Yes, the article promotes upcycling, especially with everyday objects. By creating DIY gifts from empty toilet paper rolls, the author encourages readers to adopt a lifestyle of sustainability and creativity.

What benefits does upcycling bring?

Upcycling helps reduce waste and makes the world a greener place. It encourages creativity, allows for personalized gifting, and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle.

Do I need any special equipment for these DIY projects?

No special equipment is necessary. All you need are empty toilet paper rolls and some basic crafting supplies like glue, paint, or decorative paper.

Can children participate in these DIY projects?

Yes, these DIY projects are perfect for children. They offer a fun and creative way to teach kids about sustainability and the importance of recycling. However, adult supervision is recommended for safety reasons.